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Cyber Solution

It is not just large corporations that fall victim to cyber crime. Smaller companies are also increasingly affected, and the methods used by fraudsters are becoming more and more sophisticated. An attack can be made against anyone, and just one click on the wrong link or email attachment can have a string of serious consequences. Data can be stolen and/or whole systems paralysed. Even the protection offered by extensive security measures, such as Internet security software, is not 100 per cent reliable.
Our Cyber Solution is not simply focused on transferring risk to an insurance company. It also includes preventive measures to protect data and IT infrastructures as well as raising awareness among employees. Soletum works with carefully chosen, specialist companies and is thus able to ensure you have the very best insurance cover.

The benefits to you

  • Comprehensive insurance cover well beyond the usual market standards
  • Access to IT security and data protection specialists (optional)



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